jqPresentation is a jQuery-based presentation framework.

Using jqPresentation, you can create PowerPoint-style presentations with text, images, and animation.

You can write your presentation in standards-compliant and semantic HTML5, then call $('.Presentation').presentation() and let me do the rest.

It's great for presentations about web development, since you can include interactive Javascript features right in the presentation.



Clicking a blank area of the current slide will advance one item.
Clicking an adjacent slide will move to that slide.

If the jQuery mousewheel plugin is installed, the scroll wheel will move back and forth one item at a time.


<article class="Presentation">
    <section class="Slide">
        <h1>Slide Title</h1>
        <p class="Item">
            This element will slide down when you click.
    <section class="Slide">

For more information, see the readme.


Source code